Easily Transform a Windowless Office into a Place you Want to Work

Windowless spaces often present a challenge.  Internal offices and meeting rooms, especially small ones, can feel dark, uninspiring, claustrophobic and cramped. Lacking natural light can make them less than ideal environments especially when considering wellbeing and productivity but there’s a simple but powerful solution that can make a dramatic difference to the look and feel of the space – full scene wallpaper.


A windowless office transformed with wallpaper from Cotswolds Photographer

Full scene wallpaper not only provides a focal point that draws the eye it also creates the illusion of depth, of space opening up a windowless office. Covering an entire wall with a stunning landscape can instantly transform an uninspiring meeting room into a captivating, inspiring immersive environment. Somewhere you want to be.


It can create a sense of connection to the outside world, and the right wallpaper can transport you to a different place, helping to alleviate feelings of confinement and of isolation.


Full scene wallpaper helps to make the room feel bigger, by introducing depth and perspective into a space it allows our eyes to trick us into perceive a larger area. It creates a feeling of openness and airiness that is often lacking in a windowless environment.


Apart from the aesthetics, full scene wallpaper can have a positive impact on employee wellbeing and morale. Studies have shown exposure to natural elements such as landscapes and greenery can reduce stress, improve mood and increase productivity and who doesn’t want that?


Full scene wallpaper can create a more pleasant and uplifting environment in which to work, an inspiring workspace that fosters creativity and collaboration and boosting employee satisfaction and engagement in the process.


Full scene wallpaper has the power to revolutionize windowless offices turning them from dull and dreary spaces to vibrant and inspiring environments where employees can thrive.

By providing a focal point, creating a sense of space and enhancing wellbeing, full scene wallpaper offers a simple yet effective solution for transforming even the most challenging office environment.



When faced with what to do to improve your internal meeting rooms and offices for workplace wellbeing – no need to relocate, transform your space instead.


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written by

Helen Lord