Transforming Corporate Spaces: Boosting Employee Wellbeing and Productivity

A workplace that promotes employee wellbeing is extremely important for organisation’s success.


Research shows the physical environment in which employees work has a significant impact on their overall wellbeing and productivity. With the UK officially tipping into recession at the end of 2023 increased productivity is vital.


Factors such as office layout and furniture do play an important role but so does the design of the workspace. Lighting, colour schemes and access to nature can influence mood, levels of stress and job satisfaction.


You may have heard the term biophilic design – it simply means incorporating natural elements into indoor spaces and has been know for a long time in the home decorating field as “bringing the outdoors in”.</span?


Nature increases wellbeing – fact.


Biophilic design principles emphasize the human connection to nature and the importance of incorporating natural elements into indoor environments. Full scene wallpaper aligns perfectly with these principles offering a cost-effective way to create nature-inspired workspaces that promote relaxation, creativity and overall wellbeing. By surrounding employees with immersive images of serene landscapes, business can foster a sense of calm and rejuvenation that boosts morale, productivity creativity and collaboration.


There is a growing trend towards creating more natural office environments to support employee wellbeing and productivity. As businesses increasingly recognize the importance of providing healthy and inspiring workspaces, they may experiment with different design elements, including full scene wallpaper, to achieve their goals.


For businesses interested in incorporating full scene wallpaper into their corporate spaces, here are three practical tips.


    1. Select high quality wallpaper materials that are durable, easy to install, carry a fire rating and are suitable for commercial areas


    1. Optimise placement to maximise visibility and impact – consider focal points such as meeting rooms, breakout spaces maybe even reception areas.


    1. Solicit feedback from employees throughout the process to ensure the chosen scene contributes to a positive and inspiring work environment



Full scene wallpaper has the power to transform corporate spaces into vibrant, nature-inspired sanctuaries that promote employee wellbeing and productivity.  By embracing images of nature and other natural elements into the workspace businesses can create environments that foster creativity, collaboration and overall happiness among employees.


Let’s work together to harness the potential of full scene wallpaper and unlock the full potential of your corporate space.

written by

Helen Lord