Room to Breathe 3


Room to Breathe 3

Part of a Limited Edition Series


This image celebrates the tremble of anticipation…

the wait, nearly over,  rewarded with the first sliver of sun over the trees sitting, spell unbroken, heart beginning to soar, the promise of possibility


Room to Breathe is a series that means a lot to me 

Thinking of a time when I’ve needed room to breathe, one in particular came immediately to mind during lockdown – before I took up photography.

Although I live in a beautiful part of the world, living and working alone in my small cottage during lockdown the walls started closing in and I felt claustrophobic. I started getting up to go for morning walks and I’d see the sun rise. 

I found a magical feeling walking that time in the morning. I rarely met anyone – I had the space the room to breathe and no-one to greet and in so doing break the magic, the quiet spell of the morning. i felt so lucky, so privileged to be there.

I remembered the times I wished I had somewhere comfortable to sit to watch the magic unfold with a morning coffee and so the idea for this series was born.

I could visualise a wingback armchair in the field with someone sitting arm draped holding a cup of coffee.  I needed to figure out whether it would work so dragging a kitchen chair one morning to test the idea, best location in the field 

It took a couple of months to get all in place- the chair, the person, the weather… 

To carry the sense of magic unfolding I’ve chosen a series of 4 two in the blue before sunrise and two in the golden light as the sun emerges on a new day.

I hope in these images you feel the space, the peace the magic of the morning and it will make you stop and take the room to breathe and find a bit more inner peace. 


The three print sizes offered in this collection are specifically chosen to allow for easy framing.  Please read the Print Size Guide page for more information.


SMALL:  18″ x 12″ – Limited edition 50

MEDIUM:  24″ x 16″ Limited Edition 25

LARGE:  36″ x 24″ Limited Edition 15

EXTRA LARGE: 60″ x 40″ Limited Edition 2



Printed on: Hahnemühle Photo Rag®, one of the most beautiful and high quality papers on the market.

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Room mockup with Room to Breathe 3 - original image by Cotswolds Photographer   Room mockup with Room to Breathe 3 - original image by Cotswolds Photographer   Room mockup with Room to Breathe 3 - original image by Cotswolds Photographer

Room to Breathe 3 xl


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SMALL: 102cm x 152cm, 40.0inches x 60.0inches, MEDIUM: 61cm x 91cm, 24.0inches x 36.0inches, LARGE: 30cm x 46cm, 12.0inches x 18.0inches, EXTRA LARGE: 41cm x 61cm, 16.0inches x 24.0inches


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